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Alaska Marine Fast Boat Adventure

You're the Captain Now!

Quick Details

Max four people per boat.

Up to 4 guests per boat At least 1 person per boat (18+) will have to drive

Have Fun on Our Inflatable Fast Ketchikan Boat Tours!

Hop aboard our military grade inflatable fast boats for a guided excursion on the Pacific Ocean in Alaska’s Inside Passage!

At the Ketchikan Kayak Company, we’re only interested in experiences where you, the guests, can take control and do the piloting, paddling or peddling. There are many Ketchikan boat tours that allow you to just ride along, this isn’t one of them. Small groups of up to three inflatable fast boats follow a guide boat through the jagged coastline islands of Southeast Alaska in search of bald eagles nests, resident seals and sea lions, an immense array of inter tidal creatures and, everyone’s favorite, feeding humpback whales!

Clover Pass features calmer waters and often better weather than tours running in downtown Ketchikan so we love getting you out of town and away from the crowds. That said, you’re exploring the Tongass National Forest, it’s the second largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon, so we do get our fair share of rain. We have you covered though! All waterproof bibs, jackets, gloves and boots are provided for the ride.